Hire E-commerce Developers for Part-time and Full-time Projects

We are a Ukrainian company with 10+ years of experience delivering outstanding e-commerce services to businesses worldwide. Choosing us, you can get a part-time consultancy from a Senior-level e-commerce expert with the specific expertise in the shopping cart you need or hire a full-time dedicated e-commerce developer having the tech stack you need. Our company provides access to a large pool of professionals with experience in various CMSes and eCommerce platforms. Such platforms include Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, SAP Hybris, Shopify and even more.

Our collaborative strategy allows the client to have direct control over the team and all processes. The experts we choose will work exclusively on your project, and we will ensure the selection of a specialist in your specific field. You are also flexible to pay the consultant solely for hours worked, which keeps his service consistently low-cost.

Benefits of E-commerce
Consulting for Businesses

Given the high level of competition in the e-commerce world, consulting services may provide numerous advantages to businesses.

E-commerce professionals deliver an unbiased expert evaluation of your business. Having identified flaws and ways of development, these specialists optimize work processes in the most profitable way for the company. In addition to the opportunity to generate greater profits and competitive advantage, consultants will improve your customer experience.

Our developers specialize in the following e-commerce platforms:

Enterprise-level E-commerce Developers
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud. A multi-tenant e-commerce platform enabling the creation of convenient purchasing conditions across all channels.
  • Magento. A multi-channel open source e-commerce platform.
  • SAP Hybris Commerce. An omnichannel e-commerce platform with customer experience, content, and order management features.
  • Oracle Commerce Cloud. A platform for B2B and B2C e-commerce.
  • Adobe Commerce Cloud. A cloud-based multi-channel e-commerce platform combined with other Adobe tools.
SMB-level E-commerce Developers
  • BigCommerce. An online stores constructor.
  • Shopify. A subscription-based platform enabling online store creation.
  • 3DCart. A cloud-based online store builder.
  • WooCommerce. An open-source WordPress e-commerce plugin.
  • Squarespace. An all-in-one CMS
  • Volusion. A cloud-based hosted e-commerce store builder.
  • Prestashop. An open-source CMS.

Steps to Hire an E-commerce Consultant

Requirements Introduction

Specify your needs, and we'll find the best match for you.

CVs Review & Vetting

We shortlist the candidate CVs according to your requirements.

Technical Interview

We examine whether the candidate's expertise satisfies your standards.

Contract Sign-up & Cooperation Start

We select the best deal for you and begin working together.

Tasks Our E-commerce Consultants
Can Help You Solve

  • Identifying areas of opportunity for your online store's growth and efficiency.
  • Managing a dev team for running a store on an e-commerce platform.
  • Developing an e-commerce website with a high conversion rate.
  • Optimizing conversion rates for your existing website.
  • Solving any conversion rate issues.
  • Developing a comprehensive marketing strategy.
  • Launching and supporting advertising campaigns on various marketing channels.
  • Controlling trading and operational activities of your online store.
  • Preparing regular analytical and financial reports.
  • Online store technical maintenance.
  • Delivering customer service through various communication channels: live chat, calls, e-mail, etc.
  • Implementing solutions for your business scalability.
  • Tracking market trends and your competitors.
E-commerce Consulting Services
We Provide

We offer the following e-commerce consulting services: part-time consultancy from a senior-level e-commerce expert, hiring a full-time dedicated e-commerce developer.

Part-time Consultancy from a Senior-level E-commerce Expert

Our company can locate a high-level specialist capable of resolving the most challenging e-commerce problems for you. You may engage senior experts on a part-time basis to deliver on-demand guidance. Our professionals are willing to work with both established enterprises in need of situational advice and new businesses in the early stages of development.

Hiring a Full-time Dedicated E-commerce Developer

This option is for you if your company needs ongoing support from a professional in the field of e-commerce. We offer the finest specialists that fit the scope of your business and ensure that your store is well-maintained at all times. Remember, our company only hires individuals who will focus solely on your project.

If your e-commerce project requires a comprehensive solution, we can provide you with an expert to help you overcome obstacles and expand your business's opportunities.
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